Amethyst & Lenny Lenoks first release on Crossfade Sounds ‘The Race’ is a high quality techo monster that will cause havoc on the dancefloor. With Alessandro Diga and Canadian duo Beat Syndrome delivering great remix work like always. CS004 is a must have for all you techno lovers. “The first two remixes are supplied by the Canadian duo Beat Syndrome. Hamed Safi & Navid Mehr aka Beat Syndrome have already appeared on Crossfade’s primary label Sound Avenue twice so this marks their third overall appearance on the Sound Avenue label collective. Beat Syndrome have a had a huge year in 2012 as the duo has earned recognition from Hernan Cattaneo and also Beatport as they once topped the famous 10 Must Hear Progressive House releases with their ‘Fantasy’ EP on Movement Recordings. For their main interpretation of ‘The Race’ Beat Syndrome have delivered a supremely cool late night vibe that comes with big muffled bass stabs, rising tension filled tones and a hazy, gaseous like backdrop which lays down some amazing atmosphere throughout the track. The main hypnotic line from the original is used very sparingly as we just hear cleverly placed sections of the mesmerising construction throughout. Beat Syndrome have also included a ‘Daytime Edit’ version of ‘The Race’ which is backed by a much more stripped down and punchy groove than the duo’s main mix. The smooth rhythmic tones are a touch more pronounced and overall the atmosphere is much lighter which really allows the impactful groove to breathe just a bit more. Either way you’ve got two outstanding versions from Beat Syndrome who continue to impress us big time. ” releasepromo