With illustrious careers in their own right, both Andrew Benson and Asten have carved out substantial niches in the progressive house scene. Coming together for the first time in early 2013, the duo’s debut “When Toys Come Alive” EP shone a light on the unique skills possessed by each, carefully melded to give a sound that was so much more than the sum of its creators. Now, Particles is proud to see “Freefall” take on a new lease of life with new interpretations from Baunder and Beat Syndrome alongside a timely reminder of the deeply evocative original mix.

Over 220 Beatport production credits sit proudly alongside the Beat Syndrome name ranging from such distinguished names as Liquid Grooves, Movement and Balkan Connection. Supported by the cream of the DJ community from Chloe Harris and Hernan Cattaneo to Derek Howell and Cid Inc., Toronto based Hamed Safi’s production knowledge has passed the taste tests of the most discerning musical palettes backed up by continued commercial success as he hit the top spot in Beatport’s weekly “10 Must Hear Progressive House Tracks” no less than six times throughout 2013. A successful European tour in 2013 has further enhanced a growing reputation.

Making his debut for Particles, the Beat Syndrome remix of “Freefall” calls upon Safi’s predilection for “crafted melodies and a sharp sense of narration”. A subtly, clicking, popping percussive section pans the stereo spectrum above a strong, dominant kick drum as a deep bass evolves and smooth pulsating pad pervade the nervous tension. Developing all elements in exacting synchronicity in the third movement, the Beat Syndrome remix is an intelligent interpretation teasing out the themes inherent in Beanson and Asten’s original work.

As Andrew Benson and Asten’s “Freefall” reaches terminal velocity, Baunder and Beat Syndrome have provided the perfect sonic boom.

James Warren

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