The second and final interpretation of ‘Nightmares’ is provided by label artist Beat Syndrome who is returning for his ninth appearance. Coming from a prolific past, Hamed Safi aka Beat Syndrome has definitely tailored back his production output in recent years. 2016 has showcased just one release, a four track EP for Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music in February. It’s been eight longs months without new music and his interpretation here has definitely been well worth the wait. Stylistically the Canadian artist has been in a state of flux for quite some time so it’s always interesting to see where he takes each project. Here we see a deep and dreamy approach which should sit well with a broad range of DJs. Backed by a warm, chugging groove the piece emanates a wonderful emotive quality from the beginning. Some of the elements from the original get put to great use, albeit in a much more indistinct manner but it’s the hazy atmospheric storyboard which really seals the tracks brilliance. It’s shifty resonance coupled with two primary motifs make for a very memorable journey and also a most welcome return for the Canadian. A standout remix EP from Travis MacDonald’s Agara Music. Don’t miss it!