“Belgian label Sound Avenue closes out 2012 with an extremely strong collection of new interpretations from their back catalogue. At the end of 2011 Mitrinique’s primary Sound Avenue imprint had already amassed an incredible following even though they only had 5 releases to their credit. Now with a full year and 14 additional releases the label has grown into one of the progressive house genre’s most respected and followed imprints. The labels first ever remix collection is out this week and features new interpretations from: Mauro Norti, Beat Syndrome, Simon Firth, Travis MacDonald and Guille Quero & Sound Process.

Toronto, Canada’s Beat Syndrome have been very busy of late; their ‘State of Illusion’ EP is out this week on Crossfade Sounds and here they’ve provided a wicked update on Nikko Z’s ‘L.A’. ‘L.A’ was Sound Avenue’s fifth overall release and it was their last one of 2011 so it’s just over a year old now and still sounds quite fresh. The original was an up-tempo, bouncy progressive house track that was surely a hit on the dance floor and here Beat Syndrome have provided a completely new take on it that is a much more intricate and percussive affair. The Canadian duo have once again crafted a powerful groove that’s accented with a wealth of widescreen bongos, haunting pads, sweeping electronic gates and some metallic sounding synth gates which really give the track a unique edge. Killer stuff again from Beat Syndrome, look for these guys to make some major noise in 2013.” releasepromo