” Sound Avenue’s Crossfade Sounds imprint began in July of 2012 when Noa Romana & Deersky’s ‘Metamorphosis’ first dropped. It shot to the #1 position in our overall Hype Chart and immediately established the new imprint as a force to be reckoned with. As 2012 draws to a close the label is now up to 5 overall releases with their sixth one out this week and looking to be the labels biggest to date. It features one of the hottest production duos of the moment ‘Beat Syndrome’ who have continued to build on their immense success over the course of 2012. Hamed Safi and Navid Mehr aka Beat Syndrome have continually earned support from Hernan Cattaneo and have also received several Beatport features which in turn has made them one of the more in demand production teams as 2013 approaches. Beat Syndrome’s first EP for Crossfade Sounds is entitled ‘State of Illusion’ and it comes with remixes from: Matias Chilano and Tash.

The ‘State of Illusion’ original leads the release off with a cool percussive groove that’s rooted with some warm bass tones and a nice punchy kick. A light and airy atmosphere soon encompasses the track along with some faint vocal pads and sparkling electronic accents. The main drop showcases a wicked vocal hook which varies in intensity as the wavering atmosphere builds in the back ground. The vocal elements really stand out here, they have such a wonderful celestial quality to them that you just never tire of hearing them. The track finishes extremely strong with the warm, pulsating groove and heavenly atmosphere leading the way, top work from Beat Syndrome.

The lone remix of ‘State of Illusion’ comes from Matias Chilano who first came into the Sound Avenue label family when he won the dPen Remix Contest and saw his remix get released alongside Chris Fortier’s in July of 2012. Since that time Matias has since appeared on Sound Avenue a second time with his remix of Travis MacDonald & Mauro Norti’s ‘Spectra’ which was released in October. This is Matias first appearance on Crossfade Sounds and he’s delivered an amazing remix of ‘State of Illusion’ which is currently in the top 10 of our overall Hype Chart. Matias has stayed true to the main theme of the original but has added a new twist to the bass line which has given the track a touch more groove all while still maintaining Beat Syndrome’s smooth, blissed out vibe from the original.

The second original on the package ‘Myths & Magic’ begins with a spiritual sounding vibe that is rich in atmosphere and emotional. The warm chord changes, subtle haunting pads and hazy, tripped out vocal gates all meld together for an enchanting wall of intoxicating psychedelia. The grinding bass line sits at the foundation of the main drop while the shoegaze style melodic sheen drifts over the top effortlessly before the impactful beats reappear for an equally smooth finish. This may not go down as one of Beat Syndrome’s more well known productions this year as there have been many but it’s one of our faves for sure because of its emotionally poignant vibe.

The lone remix of ‘Myths & Magic’ is supplied by Movement Recordings head man DJ Tash who at this point should really need no introduction. His label has grown into one of the strongest the progressive house genre has to offer and his solo productions are finding their way onto influential European imprints like Tribal Vison and Iboga. Tash’s ‘Myths & Magic’ interpretation stays relatively true to the dreamy, mystical vibe of the original but with some added dance floor punch. Tash has crafted a more prominent and well shape bass line which sits nicely over the subby walls. Tash has also expanded the melodic theme of the record nicely, particularity during the main drop which carries though the second half of the record. Tash has entitled his mix ‘Mythic’ and he’s nailed that term bang on the money here, easily one of our favourite productions from him this year, outstanding work from Tash and the best Crossfade Sounds release to date! Go buy it! ” releasepromo